Friendly Fill Ins 16 February 2018

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowingand McGuffy’s Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

  1. My Chinese zodiac animal sign is I have no earthly idea  .

I don’t know anything about the Chinese zodiac.  I have heard of it, but that is about as far as that goes.  Suzanne tells me that I am a year of the tiger and she is the year of the snake, which are supposedly about as incompatible as it gets.  Since I have a healthy respect for snakes, it is a wonder we are attracted.  I was getting better until I learned my mother’s teenage neighbor lost his 8-foot king cobra.  That event made international news.   I am still apprehensive.

  1. My zodiac sign is Gemini.

I am a gemini, the sign of the twins.  I don’t really get into zodiac.  However, it is entertaining from time to time to see how closely people’s real personalities align with what the zodiac says it should be.

Suzanne is a leo.  Most of what she has told me about leos rings very true with her.   Both of our sons are gemini.   Their personalities are not alike and neither of them is very much like me.  I think it is fun entertainment, but really not something to base one’s life around.  I do recall back in the sixties and seventies when a lot of people were basing their lives on what their horoscope said. That is wrong.

However, if you do it like Suzanne and our oldest daughter do it where it is just fun to look for similarities, there is nothing wrong with that.

  1. Income tax season is actually fun.

Each year I prepare about five or so returns.  They are all for family.  One of the family is my sister from another mother. Her tax preparer messed her up.  She was in trouble with the IRS to the tune of thousands of dollars.  She prayed and asked God to help her.  She called us out of the blue and asked if I could help.  It had to be God because I don’t advertise.  She called and we found a big mistake in a previous return that dropped what she owed to practically nothing. The IRS waived most of the fees and worked with her on the rest.

  1. In hindsight, life is too short.

Looking back, I see that I have said the wrong thing or done the wrong thing many times over.  If I could go back and unsay things that I have said or undo things I have done, I would do so, knowing that it is best to guard our words and our actions.

Have a great week, y’all.


Rising on the Wings of the Dawn by Simon R. Ninsiima ISBN: 978-1-78623-802-3

If you need to have your faith revived, then Rising on the Winds of the Dawn by Simon R. Ninsiima will do it.

This is a very interesting and detailed story of a little boy in Uganda who gets polio and his family’s strong Christian faith.

We are painted a picture of the author’s early life, before polio, and then all of the struggles, hardship, and pain he and his family went through after polio.

We give Rising on the Wings of the Dawn all five stars.  This is one book you just can’t put down.


Five Star Review

We were sent a complimentary copy of this book.  We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Friendly Fill Ins 9 February 2018

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowingand McGuffy’s Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!



Here are the fill-ins:


  1. The Winter Olympics really don’t mean that much to me.


I never really got much into the olympics.  I like the figure skating because it is beautiful, or at least it can be.   Most of the games really aren’t up my ally.


They need to have Olympic football.  I could get into that.  Most of the games may as well be Olympic paint drying.


  1. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is I am not really sure.


I guess Gone With The Wind is about as close as I can come to remembering a movie that could be considered even remotely romantic. Or, possibly, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  The romance between Jefferson Smith and his secretary is classic.


  1. Recently, I had an odd experience when we came home from the nursing home. Even though everything here was basically the same, we had a new normal.  It is different.

4. I believe that love is eternal. I truly believe that most of us are old souls and that we find the one who is right for us because we are attracted to the one we were meant to be with through eternity.

Friendly Fill Ins 2 February 2018

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowingand McGuffy’s Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:


  1. Trust is a two-way street.


In order for one to receive trust, they have to deserve it.  In the nursing home, they did not trust me to take my medications.  They had to watch me take them.  However, some of them did not want Suzanne to verify that I was getting the correct medications.


  1. I would protest anything I thought was unjust.


I am one of those people who wants to stand up for the underdog.  Too often we see people get the raw end of the stick.  Right now I am protesting the incompetence laws.


We have learned that, in all states, the probate judge can decide you are incompetent and seize all your assets.  They only need one doctor to say you are incompetent.  This is scary.


  1. I have been adjusting since we got out of the nursing home.

I got my scooter today.  We are trying to find our new normal.  


  1. Right now, I am working on taxes.


I actually enjoy preparing taxes.  Each year, we have a few family members (not all of them really family, we just are that close) that need a little help filling out the forms.  I love to do that for them.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

tea-tree-shampoo-imageWe were given a free sample of this cruelty-free Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics to try and see what we thought.


We are impressed.  It has a pleasant smell, although it may be a little strong for those with serious breathing issues.


It works really well and has a mild tingly sensation.  This was not overpowering.  We think anyone looking for a great cruelty-free shampoo should try this tea tree oil shampoo.


Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, 8 OZ


Free product samples


We were sent a sample of this product.  We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

Unplowed Ground: Cultivating the soil of your challenging child’s heart by Lee Anne Cooper

Unplowed Ground is meant to be a workbook to accompany a series of video lessons aimed to help foster and newly adoptive parents help challenged children.

The workbook is helpful in reinforcing the message from each video.

It is what it is. If you like the idea of having blanks to fill in to assist you in remembering the message, then this is a great tool.

However, if you hate the idea of simple fill-in-the-blanks and would rather have a fork driven through your hand than to have to deal with them, then this workbook isn’t for you.

It is designed to be a tool to help the viewer remember the key takeaways from the video.  It accomplishes that goal.  If this is what you need, then buy the workbook.


We were sent a complimentary copy of this workbook.  We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Wednesday Hodgepodge 31 January 2018


Due to some recent glitches with Blogger, this post will also be posted on my WordPress blog, How to Manage Your Monkey. Please join us there.

  1. Speaking of endings….at your wit’s end, at loose ends, a dead end, burn the candle at both ends, all’s well that end’s well, or no end in sight…which ‘end’ phrase might best be applied to your life lately? Explain.  

I think probably burning the candle at both ends.  Over the past few months, we have really been up against it.  We are losing our YouTube partnership because we haven’t gotten enough subscribers.  We have to get up to 1,000 subscribers and keep 4,000 viewing hours per month.  We come very close to the viewing hours.  People just watch and don’t subscribe.

Meanwhile, my health took a turn for the worse, and we spent all the holiday in the hospital and nursing home.  Suzanne was by my side the whole time.  Sometimes she had to sleep on the floor because no other accommodations were made.

We are finally back home.  We are trying to get back up to speed on our book and product reviews.  And now, we are trying to get back to blogging the memes.

  1. What was a must have accessory when you were growing up? Did you own one? If so tell us what you remember about it.

I would have to say a pocket knife.  Some places these are called jack knives.  The Barlow and Old Timer were the most popular in our circle.  It seemed it was always handy.  Of course, now if one were to carry one to school they would be arrested.

Yes, I almost always had one.  It wasn’t really a luxury but a necessity because, back then, we actually worked. There were always ropes to be cut, fishing lines to cut, cans to be opened, etc.

Once I had a comb that looked just like a switchblade.  I thought I was hot stuff then.

  1. Something that made you smile yesterday?

Yesterday and this morning was a special moon event.  I can’t see it because I am low vision.  However, it made Suzanne and our oldest daughter very happy to see it,

  1. January 30th is National Croissant Day. Do you like croissants? Sweet or savory? We’re having chicken salad for lunch…would you rather have yours served on a croissant, a wrap, a bagel, bread, or a roll of some sort?

We don’t have croissants that often. I do like them just about any way they come, even plain.  As far as chicken salad is concerned, I like mine on a good old Ritz cracker.  

  1. Sum up your January in fifteen words or less.

Scary, Boring, Nerve Wracking, Tiring, Sleepless, Helpless, Expensive, Life-changing,

  1.  Insert your own random thought here.

Our experiences over the last few months leads me to beg anyone who can to get Long Term Care Insurance.  This insurance can mean the difference between healing in a hospital or being trucked off to a nursing home.  Even a good nursing home is a nightmare.

Recently, we reviewed the book A Breach of Trust: Your Life Belongs to Them Now by Susan Hodges, LNFA ISBN: 9781517481247.

Everyone should read this book, especially anyone with substantial assets.  This is a true story about how our probate court system declares people with assets to be incompetent, in spite of the protests of their family and friends.  They are placed in nursing homes, against their will.  Then, their family is not allowed to see them or communicate with them while the government sucks out their assets.  Think this is far-fetched?  We did a little online research and found out that it happens in every state.  

Our only hope is to get a federal law passed to stop this.  Do a little online research and learn what is going on.  Since we just got out of the nursing home, we saw how poorly most nursing homes are being run.  Suzanne was by my side the whole time and, if she were not there, I would have been wrongly medicated on several occasions.
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