Book Review: The Income Miracle: How to Use Life Insurance for a Safe and Tax Free Income Stream by Marc Aspen ISBN: 9781532379796


The booklet The Income Miracle: How to Use Life Insurance for a Safe and Tax Free Income Stream by Marc Aspen actually bills itself as an article.  It is short, only 20 pages, including the appendix, but it contains loads of information.

One may ask, “Is a twenty page booklet really worth the cover price?”  We would answer that by asking you, “If Warren Buffett offered to sell you a single sheet of paper that contained the secret of how he got wealthy, what would that be worth to you?”

The concept detailed in this book is not new, it just isn’t talked about a lot.  We have reviewed two other books regarding the same subject in the last few months.  This is not new. Many financial gurus will tell you that this method does not work. They advise you to buy term life insurance and invest in stocks and bonds.  I believe these gurus are wrong.

If I had known about this back several years ago, I would be much better off today.  If I had listened to my father, who had actually sold insurance years ago, I would have had this type of plan.

Aspen does not tell you that this way is the ONLY investment you need, like so many other investment books we have read, and there have been hundreds.  He does suggest that this is a part of your investment plan.

Even though this article is short, it might just be the best investment you have made in a while.  It might lead you to ask more questions of your insurance agent. It might lead you to better understand your financial future. We give The Income Miracle all five stars.

Five Star Review

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