Book Reviews: The Tears of Gethsemane by Deborah Faulks ISBN: 978-1-9736-0786-1

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The Tears of Gethsemane by Deborah Faulks was a difficult book for me to read and review.  It is very different from most books regarding Christianity.

When I first started reading this book, it was difficult for me to concentrate on it.  I started it over several times because I just wasn’t getting it.

I started to just set it aside for later, but then a prompting told me I really needed to get into this book.  I said multiple prayers and then dug into it.

Once I was able to quiet my mind, I was able to really understand what the author is trying to say.

Suzanne and I are from a charismatic, fundamentalist background.  This being said, we a have a few fundamental theological differences, but the overall feel and message of the book is completely in keeping with our beliefs.

This is not the kind of book one should just plow right through,  It is the kind of book that one should read with a lot of prayer and reflection.  One should keep their favorite translation of the Holy Bible handy and probably another translation to help when one has questions.

The Tears of Gethsemane would make a great small group Bible study. This would probably be the best way to approach it.  

Perhaps a group of Christians should take one chapter at a time and spend a week reading and re-reading it as well as prayerfully considering it.  Then, they could come together and discuss it in more detail.

If you miss this book, you have probably missed a blessing.

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