Book Review: Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree by Megan Smolenyak and Ann Turner ISBN: 9781609616168

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If you are a true genealogist, amature or otherwise, you need Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree by Megan Smolenyak and Ann Turner.

Let’s start out with the one problem with this book.  This book was written in 2004 and a lot of genealogy and DNA resources have changed.  There are many links to many resources listed in this book. A lot of these links no longer work.  

Other than some of the links no longer working, this book is still pertinent today.  The authors provide simple, straightforward explanations of many complex genetic terms and practices.

If you are tracing your family history and you plan to use genetics, at least in part, to climb your tree, Trace Your Roots with DNA will help you understand the results you receive.

The book is well written and informative and will probably be your “Go to” resource when you work on your family tree.  Grab your copy now and join us in the fascinating world of family tree research.

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